The Mind-Blowing Secrets of Our Genes

219 years ago, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck hypothesized that the characteristics that one acquired during the life time can be passed on to the next generations. This proposal was largely dismissed by his contemporaries. Roughly 60 years later, with the publishing of On the Origin of Species, Darwinism became the modern paradigm of evolution. We have sinceContinue reading “The Mind-Blowing Secrets of Our Genes”

Event: Those Convos @ Family Dinners

逢年過節,家庭聚會上(不曾提起)的話題 Holiday season can be difficult. Those conversations at the family gathering dinners can stir up lots of feelings. After all the yummy food and gifts and wishes, it is time to sit down and find a way to feel better and move on. We kick off the new decade with a new community dialogueContinue reading “Event: Those Convos @ Family Dinners”

How It All Began

Welcome to 2020! This is a blog that is dedicated to the information, discussion, and transformation of trauma and intergenerational trauma in the API communities. In mid 2018, I collaborated with my dear friend and colleague, Kayla Chan, on a presentation surrounding the topic of historical trauma among API communities for work in the contextContinue reading “How It All Began”