About 「愈」

Pronounced as “yu,” it means healing in Chinese. “Yu” aims to transform every possible person into a hub for healing through education of intergenerational trauma in the Asian communities, and collaboration with creative individuals to mobilize the healing source imbedded in the arts and cultures.


Who is YU for?


  • creatives who are looking to find their unique identity and artistic presence, particularly when they are from a culturally diverse background and/or an Asian immigrant family
  • clinicians, social workers, advocates, and community organizers who are looking to deepen their understanding of the transmissions of trauma in and outside the API communities
  • anyone who feels stuck with their family dynamic and are looking to break free
  • 在探尋自己獨特的身份特質和存在的藝術創作著,特別是來自於多元文化背景以及亞裔移民家庭的人
  • 想要加深對心理創傷的理解的臨床醫師、社會工作者、倡導者、及社群組織者,無論是亞裔圈內還是圈外
  • 任何感到受原生家庭束縛而想要突破的人

Yu the Founder


Camilla Yu is a Chinese holistic clinician active in New York City. She believes in human’s innate gift for creative expressions, and its magical power to regenerate and live a unique, maximized life. She takes particular interests in marrying various disciplines, such as visual arts, poetry, mindfulness, and psychosomatics to formulate appropriate and coherent healing interventions for each individual. She specializes in working with those who identify with the Chinese heritage. Yu earned a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Syracuse University and received continuing education in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Drama Therapy techniques, and integrative medicine. She is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), has treated over 300 cases over 11,000 clinical hours. She is also a cat lover, a amateur watercolorist, and a Feng Shui designer.



Intergenerational Trauma


workshops to discover trauma and resiliency through generations


Cultural Transition


counseling for international students and recent immigrants to adjust to the culture


Integrative Healing


comprehensive therapeutic services to address mind-body-spirit


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